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About As We Speak

As we speak is a Podcast, featuring your host Justin Time. Justin is a young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who lives in a regional city in the Central West of NSW, Australia. Through his Podcast, which is linked to this Website, Justin is keen to share his experiences with Autism but also to give others the opportunity to share their experiences and by linking the audience to experts in the field, help those grappling with this disorder to broaden their knowledge base and receive encouragement.



Episode  1

Just in Time for Justin Time

Release date   04/08/2023   |  34:26min |

Time is Everything: Join Justin Time on a playfully memorable introduction to the world of Autism, one punctual moment at a time.

Episode  2 

Branching out Together

Release Date  11/08/2023   |  37:48min |

Illuminating the journey of families with children on the Autism spectrum.

Episode  3

Spectrum Inspection

Release Date 18/08/2023   |  21:00min |

Unmasking the Kaleidoscope: Adventures in understanding Autism's vibrant spectrum.

Episode  4 

Get Dressed for Obsessed

Release Date  25/08/2023   |  36:01min |

Exploring the fascinating world of Autistic fixations and the power they hold.


Episode  5 

Beyond the Resume

Release Date 01/09/2023   |  49min |

Empowering Autistic job seekers on the path to employment.

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