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  SEASON 1                     


Justin will introduce himself by telling his audience a little about  his journey and how he has navigated life with ASD. He will then preview what is happening during the rest of the episode and content of future episodes.  


Justin’s first interview will be with his mum and dad who will share their experience of raising an ASD child and insights gleaned over 38 years of being Justin’s parents.


Justin’s second interview will be with his brother and sister who grew up with Justin and can let his audience in on some funny and fascinating stories.


The next section is called “More than Party Tricks.”  In this episode Justin will share some of the special abilities he has and how these abilities have shaped how Justin sees the world. This episode will explore the life of Kim Peek.


This will be followed by Justin educating the audience with some interesting facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), while at the same time blowing apart some common myths about Autism. We call this section “As a Matter of Fact You're Mythguided.”

Justin will finish with a preview of the next episode, an invitation to visit the website, subscribe and write a review. Some of Justin’s favourite music will be played in the background as Justin signs out and says Goodbye.

Just in Time for Justin Time

Episode 2

Branching Out Together



Illuminating the Journey of Families on the Autism Spectrum



Justin reconfirms what the show is about, also thanking all our new subscribers. Justin then encourages subscribers to write a review if listeners haven’t already and subscribe. It is then time for Justin Time to preview what exciting and interesting content awaits the listener in this week’s show. This week we are exploring the life of families who have members on the Autism Spectrum and previews interviews with members of two wonderful families who share how they have navigated and continue to navigate life on the Autism Spectrum.



Angela has a son named Joe, who is on the Autism Spectrum. Joe was diagnosed before he was 3 and Angela speaks positively of the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. She also talks about the difficulty of finding and keeping therapy in a remote country town of about 10 000 people in regional NSW, Australia. Angela challenges the misconception that people on the Spectrum, don’t like to be touched and shares how Joe loves to be cuddled, concluding that all people on the spectrum are different and it is difficult to make sweeping generalisations. She shares of how Joe’s siblings have been loving and supportive of Joe and have made the task of raising an Autistic child much easier.



This week Justin talks about Lesley Lenski. Lesley was blind from birth, with intellectual disabilities as well. Yet despite all this he was a brilliant pianist and singer, playing entirely by ear. This is a fascinating insight into a man with extraordinary musical gifts.



Jonah is currently 18 years old and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 5. He is currently in year 12 at school and loves aviation and flying. He is learning to fly and he aspires to be a commercial pilot. Sonia says that she feels that Autism robbed her of the ability to be a successful parent, simply because the things she tried with Jonah that worked for other children, didn’t work for Jonah. Support came early from other family members who themselves were raising an autistic child. Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) was also very helpful. One of the misconceptions that Sonia has encountered is that children on the Spectrum are not emotional. Jonah has exhibited strong emotions during the years, which at times have been a challenge to deal with. Sonia’s advice is not to be overwhelmed and to not try and do everything at once but focus on one thing at a time. Although supporting someone on the Spectrum is a journey that seems to take everything and when you have given everything asks for more, there are still moments of great joy and encouragement.


This week Justin goes to the streets to ask members of the general public, whether they think the following statements are Fact of Myth.


1.     All young people with Autism struggle with social skills.

2.     All young people with Autism struggle with friendships.

3.     All young people with Autism don’t understand social cues and other non-verbal communication.

The answers and the discussions with people on the street are very interesting.


Justin concludes this week’s episode with a preview of next week’s episode, which explores what the Autism Spectrum is and how people are diagnosed and how they fall into different parts of the Autistic Spectrum. Before signing off Justin encourages his audience to reach us through  

Spectrum Inspection



Exploring What Autism is and its Diagnosis



Justin introduces the program and the topic for this episode, which is Autism and its Diagnosis. The aim of this episode is to help the listeners understand what Autism is and how it is diagnosed, while sharing insights from others as to what Autism is.



Justin takes us back to the 1930s and 1940s when early pioneers of Autism research, Dr Leo Kanner,  working in the USA and Germany and Dr Hans Asperger, working in Europe, paved the way for an understanding of Autism.



Short audio snippets from ASPECT AUSTRALIA, features individuals who share their journeys of getting a diagnosis of ASD. They reveal some unique perspectives on Autism and discuss the many benefits and the occasional downside of getting a diagnosis. Some touch on the difficulty of getting a correct diagnosis and especially how ASD presents differently in women/girls than it does for men/boys.


Before moving on to the next segment, Justin refers his audience to Helpful Links, especially Aspect Australia on the ‘As we Speak’ website – By way of introducing the next segment, featuring Dr Sanil Rege, consultant Psychiatrist, from U tube channel Psychiatry Simplified, Justin highlights how we now have specialised tools and refined diagnostic criteria to diagnose Autism.



Dr Sanil Rege talks about how Autism is diagnosed, explaining how the process involves a detailed assessment, involving videos of the person in various contexts and detailed observation. Dr Rege then goes on to explain how diagnosis of Autism can be divided into two categories:

1.     Problems with communication and social interaction;


2.     Restrictive and Repetitive patterns of behaviour or activity.

For a diagnosis to occur, the person being diagnosed must experience symptons in both of these categories.



More than Party Tricks features Savonte Daniel Tammet. Daniel has the unusual condition, known as Synesthesia, where his senses are intertwined allowing him to perceive numbers and words as intricate colours and shapes. Consequently, Daniel is brilliant with numbers and language. Daniel holds the record for reciting the mathematical constant pi. Daniels’s linguistic processes allows him to learn with astonishing speed and accuracy over a dozen languages. He is an author and has authored the book ‘Born on a Blue Day,’ which champions the idea that a person diagnosed with Autism, Spectrum, Disorder is more than their diagnosis.



Justin introduces Barbarra, Stacey and Kylie who responds with a yes or no to the following statements, being given two statements each from the following list.


1.     People on the Spectrum lack empathy and cannot connect with others emotionally.

2.     People with Autism have a wide range of strengths and abilities.

3.     Autism is a neuro developmental disorder that is present from birth.

4.     Autism is caused by bad parenting or a lack of discipline.

5.     Many individuals with Autism are sensitive to sensory stimuli such as light, sound and textures.

6.     All individuals with Autism are non-verbal or have limited communication ability.  



Justin wraps up and introduces the next episode, Episode 4 – ‘Get Dressed for Obsessed.’

Before signing off, he invites people to share us, like us and write to us on

Spectrum Inspection

Get Dressed or Obsessed



Justin welcomes listeners and especially those who are listening for the first time. He invites people to go to the website, to subscribe and to write in with feedback and comments thanking those who have already done so. Justin informs the listeners that in a few weeks they will be able to catch the show on all the major podcast platforms, including Apple podcasts. By way of introduction to today’s topic, ‘Get Dressed for Obsessed,’ which is about obsessions and fixations that people on the Spectrum often experience, Justin points out that not all people on the Autism Spectrum experience obsessions or fixations.



Justin interviews his friend Daniel, a young man on the Spectrum, whose main obsession is trains. Daniel explains how his obsession began when he was young, when his Grandfather used to take him on train trips. When he was travelling in a 1950s carriage with his Grandfather, his Grandfather told him something of the history of the carriages and Victoria railways. He was fascinated by what he was learning about country trains and their carriages and did further research.


Trains hold special significance for Daniel, because they are an enabler of his independence, as Daniel doesn’t drive. Daniel is interested in all aspects of trains, including the engines, the carriages, the schedules, the history of trains and railways and how different services connect. Daniel shares how his strong interest in trains has enriched his life and broadened his perspective, enabling him to advocate for better disability access to public transport. Learning how rail systems operate helps Daniel to understand why disruptions occur. Daniel is aware that one of the drawbacks of having such a strong interest is the temptation to go on and on about a topic that not everybody shares the same interest in or sharing encyclopaedic knowledge with people who know very little about what he is talking about. Daniel also has a special interest in weather; an interest he shares with Justin.



Henriette was born in Hungary and is often referred to as the Hungarian Calendar girl. From an early age Henriette showed a fascination with calendars and dates. Henriette was able to calculate the day of the week for any given date past or future. Henriette’s ability is a testimony to the intricate workings of her mind which operates like a complex algorithm, joining the connection between numbers, days and months. Henriette’s ability is a testimony to human diversity and the potential of the human mind. Her fixation rather than being a limitation, propelled her into the spotlight as a beacon of inspiration and awe. Henriette has been featured in documentaries and by media outlets featuring her incredible gift. Henriette reminds us that intelligence comes in many forms and serves to help us understand the diversity that exists within the human experience. Her story is a testament to the fact that fixations when nurtured and celebrated can lead to awe inspiring talents and is a reminder that every individual has their own unique talents waiting to be discovered.

Get Dressed for Obsessed

Beyond the Resume



Welcome to another insightful episode of "As We Speak." In this episode, Justin will be diving deep into a topic that holds immense significance – empowering autistic job seekers on their journey to meaningful employment. The episode entitled "Beyond the Resume," will be exploring the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they navigate the job market. We have three inspiring interviews lined up, along with our intriguing regular segments that promise to enrich your understanding of this subject.


SEGMENT 1:  Interview with Jodi - Navigating the Interview Process

Our first guest is Jodi, an HR expert at a company specializing in employing people with disabilities. Jodi brings her wealth of experience to the table as she discusses invaluable insights on preparing for job interviews. She addresses the unique concerns of individuals who might experience anxiety during interviews and offers practical tips to overcome those challenges. Jodi's expertise sheds light on how to present oneself beyond the constraints of a traditional resume and make a lasting impression.


SEGMENT 2:  More than Party Tricks - Alex Turner’s Remarkable Journey

In this episode's "More than Party Tricks" segment, Justin explores the extraordinary life of Alex Turner, a man on the Spectrum who has had remarkable success as a digital marketer. He discovered that he had an uncanny knack of analysing online data and numbers but also an incredible ability to understand the people behind those numbers. Because of his intuitive sense of empathy, he is able to decode and assemble the data in such a way that gives him a clear picture of the digital landscape, which in turn allows him to anticipate the needs of potential consumers, contributing to increased satisfaction for these consumers. His insights have allowed companies to better tailor their campaigns, leading to increased engagement of customers. Alex is great collaborator as well, who inspires his colleagues. His presence reminds us that diversity of thought is a key ingredient for innovation. We are reminded through Alex that perspectives in workplaces can and ought to be challenged and that employers need to understand that being on the Autistic Spectrum isn’t necessarily a limitation but can an opportunity for understanding and pushing the boundaries of human potential.

SEGMENT 3:  Interview with Jacob - A Success Story

In our second interview, Justin sits down with Jacob, who recently entered the workforce after leaving school. Jacob, who is on the Autism Spectrum, shares his personal journey of landing a fulfilling job. He discusses the highs and lows he faced during his job search and offers his perspective on how employers can create an inclusive environment for autistic employees. Jacob gives helpful tips for how to prepare for a job interview and also talks about support services in the community that can assist people on The Spectrum on getting a job and being able to manage their employment successfully. He points out how some employers really value skills and qualities that autistic people bring to the workplace. Jacob's story is a testament to the potential and resilience of neurodiverse individuals when given the right opportunities.


SEGMENT 4:  As a Matter of Fact You're Mythguided - Wangarang Industries Employees Bust Myths

In our regular "As a Matter of Fact You're Mythguided" segment, we head back to Wangarang Industries. We engage the employees in a lighthearted yet informative Q&A session where they debunk common myths and misconceptions about autism and the workplace. This segment aims to challenge stereotypes and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse talents autistic individuals bring to the workforce.

Justin asks the workers at Wangarang to answer true or myth to the following statements:

Q1. Autistic employees can provide valuable insights for improving processes and workflows.

Q2. People on the Autistic Spectrum struggle with communication skills, making it difficult for them to hold down a job.

Q3. Autistic individuals often possess an incredible ability to analyse data and spot patterns.

Q4. People on the spectrum can’t handle social interaction, thus making teamwork impossible.


SEGMENT 5: Interview with Arron - Embracing Challenges at Wangarang Industries

Arron, from Wangarang Industries in Orange, NSW,  joins Justin to give us a glimpse into his job and the meaningful work the organization does. He opens up about the highlights and challenges he encounters in his role. Arron's story highlights the significance of supportive workplaces and showcases the positive impact of inclusive employment practices.



As we wrap up this episode of "As We Speak," it's clear that the path to employment for autistic job seekers goes beyond the confines of a conventional resume. Our interviews with Jodi, Jacob, and Arron shed light on the importance of inclusive hiring practices, offering insights that will undoubtedly impact both job seekers and employers. Remember, every individual has a unique journey, and by creating supportive environments, we can tap into the vast potential that lies beyond the resume.

Justin introduces next week’s episode which is all about socialising and friendships for those on The Spectrum. Justin signs off by encouraging listeners to give feedback, stay connected, visit our website, and to subscribe.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of "As We Speak." 

Beyond the Resume

Social Butterflies



Empowering Social Skills and Nurturing Meaningful Connections for Autistic Individuals in the Flight of Social Growth

Episode Six of As We Speak showcases an enlightening exploration of social growth, empowerment, and the strength of connections within the autistic community.


SEGMENT 1:  Interview with Daniel

In this transformative episode of *As We Speak*, our host Justin Time takes us on a journey through the world of social connections for autistic individuals. Joined by his longtime friend Daniel, they debunk the prevailing myth that autistic individuals can't forge and sustain deeply meaningful friendships. Through their candid conversation, they shed light on the beauty and strength found within these bonds.


SEGMENT 2:  More than Party Tricks - Featuring Alex Martinez

Join us for an awe-inspiring segment showcasing the remarkable talents of savant Alex Martinez. Alex's extraordinary abilities go far beyond mere "party tricks." Prepare to be amazed by his unique skills and the insights he brings to the conversation.

Alex Martinez is a savant known for his extraordinary cognitive abilities. His talents encompass a wide range of skills that defy conventional expectations. With a keen eye for detail and an unparalleled memory, Alex's abilities offer a unique perspective on the capabilities of autistic individuals. His contributions to the neurodiversity conversation are both captivating and illuminating.

SEGMENT 3:   Terry's Insightful Perspective

In a thought-provoking interview, Justin sits down with 22-year-old Terry, an autistic individual, to delve into his experiences with socializing. Terry shares invaluable insights into his journey, offering a window into how he strategically navigates social situations, providing inspiration for others on similar paths.

SEGMENT 4:  As a Matter of Fact You're Mythguided 

Justin hits the streets with a series of statements, challenging passersby to distinguish between autism myths and facts. The results are bound to surprise, revealing the importance of dispelling misconceptions and fostering understanding.






- Justin welcomes listeners to Episode 7 of "As We Speak" titled "Cracking the Lockdown Maze."
- Provides an overview of the episode, focusing on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Autistic Individuals.

INTERVIEW 1 - Brian's Perspective:
- Justin interviews Brian, a dedicated carer working in a special disability job in Australia.
- Brian shares insights into his role and responsibilities in supporting autistic children during the pandemic.
- Discusses the challenges and adaptations in transitioning to online classrooms for autistic individuals.
- Emphasizes the significance of maintaining routine for stability and well-being.

MORE THAN PARTY TRICKS - Stephen Wiltshire:
- This week's segment features the remarkable talents of Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic savant.
- Justin delves into Stephen's extraordinary ability to create intricate cityscape artwork from memory.
- Highlights Stephen's unique artistic process and the impact of his work on the art world.

YouTube Discoveries:
- The podcast explores valuable information found on YouTube regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.
- Justin discusses key insights, expert opinions, and noteworthy content related to the pandemic's impact on autistic individuals.

- Justin hits the streets of Orange to engage with the community in a fun and informative segment.
- Asks people about common myths and facts surrounding the pandemic.





As you dive into Episode Eight, you'll join our host Justin Time on a journey through the triumphs and challenges of achieving goals with autism. Justin shares his own determined path, made possible not only by his own drive but also the unwavering support of his family. He'll also regale you with his love for bicycle riding, recounting an incredible fundraiser and awareness campaign for autism, where he pedaled from Tamworth to Orange.


Prepare to be amazed by the story of Derek Paravacini. Born prematurely at just 25 weeks, Derek is blind and grapples with severe autism. Yet, his musical talents are nothing short of astounding. Justin introduces us to this extraordinary savant, known for his awe-inspiring piano-playing abilities. With perfect pitch and an astonishing memory for melodies, Derek's story is sure to leave you in awe.

**Interview 1: Kevin McGuire from Wangarang Industries**

Meet Justin's boss, Kevin McGuire, at Wangarang Industries. This organization is on a mission to help individuals with disabilities gain confidence in learning new skills to forge successful careers. Kevin sheds light on the incredible work being done at Wangarang Industries, highlighting the significance of empowerment through skill-building.


Join Justin as he hits the streets, armed with myth or fact questions about autism. The aim? To dispel common misconceptions surrounding the condition and foster greater understanding.

**Interview 2: Daniel Giles - Achieving Amazing Goals**

In this heartening interview, Justin sits down with his friend Daniel Giles, who, like Justin, has autism. Daniel's journey is one of remarkable achievements and serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. Together, they discuss Daniel's path and the strategies he employed to overcome hurdles.

As we conclude this episode, Justin leaves you with a powerful message: determination, support, and education are the cornerstones of achieving goals for individuals with autism. He invites you to visit the podcast website, [](, where you can find all episodes along with detailed show notes and additional resources.

Thank you for being a part of "As We Speak"! If you found this episode inspiring, consider leaving a review or sharing it with others who might find it valuable. Remember, you can always explore more content and resources on our website. [](





- Justin delves into the topic of empathy and its significance for individuals on the Autism spectrum.



 Guest: Jacob (22 years old)
- Jacob shares his personal journey in comprehending and navigating empathy.
- Explores techniques for handling grief from the perspective of someone on the Autism spectrum.


 Temple Grandin: An accomplished author and influential figure in the Autism community.
  - Brief Bio: Temple Grandin is an American professor of animal science and autism spokesperson. She is widely celebrated for her work in animal behavior and her advocacy for individuals with Autism.
  - Mention of notable books or contributions.


 The As We Speak team uncovers a valuable audio clip on empathy from YouTube.



Justin ventures downtown to engage with the public about their perspectives on empathy.

Justin concludes the episode by providing a glimpse into the next episode titled "Beyond the Code of Love," which will focus on the theme of love.


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